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Website Maintenance

Your Internet resource requires constant and regular updates. Otherwise, it will inevitably get outdated, stop making money, and will no longer work in favor of your reputation. Maintaining your website is as crucial as it is routine. The good new is you can assign TravelLine to take care of it.
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Maintenance Plans

Contact TravelLine to get one of the maintenance plans below.
Important: maintenance service is only available for hotels that use TravelLine booking engine.

Integrate one of the booking modules and get maintenance at an appealing price. Take care of your guests, and let us take care of the routine!

  • All services, except for monitoring of checking its operation and bringing it back online if it's down are provided on demand. Reaction time depends on the plan, see the table below.
  • Texts and pictures are provided by client.
Plans «Basic»
«Expert» «Market Leader»
5 000 roubles
10 900 roubles
18 500 roubles
39 000 roubles
24/7 monitoring of website operation
Bringing site back online
Website hosting
Website anti-virus cure
Texts and images update
Individual email addresses 10 50 Unlimited
Holiday themes
Adding new pages
Priority Access to the new TravelLine products
Website operation consultancy
Account manager
Consultations on SEO promotion
Editing texts and HTML markup SEO-friendly
Monthly labor time 8 hours 16 hours 48 hours
Maximum reaction time 5 days 3 days 2 days 1 day
Rate costs 5 000 RUB
10 900 RUB
18 500 RUB
39 000 RUB
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