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Mobile Website

The number of people surfing the web with their smartphones and tablet PCs is growing tremendously. For example, last year the number of mobile users visiting the Cosmos Hotel website increased by 278%. If your website doesn’t have a lighter mobile version, you're losing a sizeable percentage of business.
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Why You Need a Mobile Site

Ordering a mobile site at TravelLine allows you to reach a few goals at once:

  • 1
    More bookings!

    Smartphone and tablet computer users become your guests;

  • 2
    Higher level of guest loyalty

    Mobile users receive special treatment;

  • 3
    Stronger reputation

    A simplified version of your website is a sign of high status;

  • 4
    Better positions in search engines

    A mobile version gets your website better SEO positions.

Mobile Websites by TravelLine

Mobile Websites by TravelLine

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  • Online booking. Website calls a visitor to make a booking here and now.
  • Simple design. Website loads quickly even with low connection speed.
  • Standard interface. Interface design reminds the user of a mobile application.
  • Touchscreen compliancy. Large elements are convenient for sensor management.

Why TravelLine?

The strongest advantage of TravelLine mobile sites is the booking engine. It was designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. The opportunity to make online reservation is what makes TravelLine mobile websites stand out against competitors. Seeing how easy it is to book a room here and now, your website visitor wouldn't want to leave.

In our portfolio there are projects done for the largest businesses in the hospitality industry: Cosmos and Astrus in Moscow. Vostok in Tumen, the AMAKS Hotels & Resorts chain hotels, etc. This is all because we make solutions that help others make a profit.

Development Costs

The minimal cost of mobile website is 60 000 rubles. For the price, you get an exclusive Internet resource tailored to your requirements. For every potential client we make a detailed quote that explains what constitutes the price, based on the amount of work that needs to be done and not the amount of stars and rooms in the hotel. You simply pay for the work done.

Free mobile site

Our most loyal customers get a template mobile site for free. It complies to the general corporate style and your requirements. If you are using the TravelLine services and still don't have a light mobile version of your site,

call us at: 8 800 555-20-30

You are likely to have a site of your own in a just a few days.



TravelLine provides a full 2-month warranty on every website we develop. If you want to receive additional technical support, sign up for maintenance with a plan that works best for you.

Reach out to the widest audience, raise sales, and guest loyalty with TravelLine mobile site!

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