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TravelLine: Analytics

Total Control of Sales

TravelLine: Analytics is a service for tracking your website traffic and boosting sales. TL:Analytics was designed specifically for the hospitality industry. The service collects site’s stats and generates useful reports that allow you to get a very realistic idea of how effective your site is. All the TL:Analytics advantages come bundled with TL:Hotel.
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TravelLine: Analytics delivers advantages

  • Raises your Website's Effectiveness

    Tracking effect of changes you make in your site
    helps you find a way to maximize sales.

  • Increases Sales

    With TL: Analytics you always know what pages require additional sales elements.

TL: Anatytics
is in total control of
your website traffic!
  • Evaluates Sales Potential

    This service can help you decide if spending money on online promotion is worth it.

  • Responds to Visitors' Needs

    Do you know who visits your site? Study your audience, give them the information they're looking for, and watch them become your guests.

  • Helps Create Sales-Effective Pages

    TL: Analytics shows what pages draw more visitors. Modify these pages to get more bookings.

Basic TravelLine: Analytics Reports

We develop our system gradually and that's why we constantly enhance the list of available reports. Some of them are similar to Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. The only difference is that TL: Analytic's reports are easier to interpret and understand. Five minutes a day is all you need to always know what's going on with your sales.

    Booking Dynamics
    This report shows the changes in quantity and general costs of booking that came from your site. It also includes data on daily sales progress from the previous month. The information on the number of reservations, cancellations, avarage amount of nights, general and average check is also available here.
    Popular Payment Options
    TL:Analytics gives you a full report on what payment options your guests prefer. It provides data on the costs and number of bookings made with each of the available payment options.
    Types of Rooms
    You can check what types of rooms are more popular among your website visitors. The report contains information on the number of bookings and total costs for each type of room.
    Traffic Conversion
    Traffic conversion is a coorelation between the number of online reservations and the number of website visitors. The graph displays the changes in this index. It also provides the information on the daily number of bookings/visitors for the last month.
    General Traffic
    The report includes the number of your website's visitors and page impressions and their correlation for a easier interpretation.
    Page Views
    TL: Analytics presents the information on what pages of your site get the most views.
    Visitors' Location
    This chart shows the names of the cities that most frequently access your site.
    Mobile Devices
    This graph shows the numbers for visitors using mobile devices. It also gives information of the types of devices most frequently used to visit your hotel site.
    Traffic Sources
    This report shows the number of visits using a direct link (clicks from bookmarks or visitors who know your URL), as well as from other Web-sources and search engines. It also includes the number of visits, average time on site and «bounces» (number of those who left within the first 15 seconds, having visited just one page).

    You will see referring URLs: other Web sites sending traffic to you. For search engines, it shows the requests that lead visitors to your hotel Web-source.

TravelLine: Analytics Pricing

TL:Analytics is free for users of the TravelLine booking system. TL:Analytics reports appear right in your booking extranet. To get them,

call us at: 8 800 555-20-30

or email at .

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Testimonials from our customers

«The interface of TL:Analytics is very user-friendly and the information available there is very diverse. You have to simply apply the knowedge you get from these reports when planning new advertising campaigns.»
Natalia Safronova
Marketing Director
Don-Plaza Managing Company
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