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Visa Support for Your Guests

iVisa is an online service that helps create visa invitations for your foreign guests. Install iVisa onto your website and your guests will be able to create the documents they need from you for a visa at their convenience. You can also create invitations for them in your iVisa extranet, lowering visa-support costs. The only thing your guests will have to do is print their invitation and take it to the embassy.
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Who is iVisa For?

In order to get a visa to travel to the Russian Federation, most foreign citizens must have an invitation from a Russian organization such as a hotel. is why visa support service is so popular in the cities that are popular with tourists. According to the law, only officially-registered tour operators can issue visa invitations. iVisa removes this limitation!

If you don’t have your own travel reference, bundle up with iVisa. If you are not a tour operator, use our reference number «MBT 007612». iVisa solves your problems whether or not you have tour operator status.

Simply apply to install iVisa, and in just a few days the service will be available on your website. This way you will lower costs, make a profit off of selling invitations and gain your guests’ loyalty.

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iVisa Has Its Own Reference Number

Every application created with the iVisa reference gets processed by our partner Visovii Tsentr Ltd (ООО «Визовый центр»), a Saint-Petersburg-based company.

Our official tour operator reference number is MBT 007612.

Sell Invitations at Your Website

Those who are seeking visa support at your website can fill out the form and pay with a card – all in matter of 2-3 minutes. You name the price for the invitation. By selling visa support services you can increase your profits! With iVisa you can gain an advantage over your competitors. Travellers who need an invitation will choose you.

Create Invitations in Extranet

With iVisa your staff can create visa invitations for your guests. It takes about two minutes for an invitation to be issued. Best of all, it is you who names the price for a set of paperwork. iVisa gives your guests the best service, raises their loyalty and increases your profits. If you already provide visa support, iVisa will take the workload off of your staff.

By Selling Visa Invitations from Your Website, you get:

  • 50%
    — from every invitation
       using iVisa reference;
  • 90%
    — from every invitation created
       with your own reference number.

For Issuing Invitation in Extranet, TravelLine’s Commission is:

  • 200
    — from every invitation
       using iVisa reference;
  • 30
    — from every invitation created
       with your own reference number.

Sign up For iVisa

To access the service that will increase your profit and guests’ loyalty, simply send an application to TravelLine. We will take care of integrating the iVisa form into your website, set up the extranet and train your staff on how to use it. Try iVisa even if you’ve never provided visa support before. This simple service will bring you multiple benefits, so sign up!

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Reviews from Our Partners

Ilya Kapustin
«Installing the module on the “Nevskie Oteli” (Hevsky Hotels Group) website significantly increased the number of visa invitations and reservations that we received.».
Ilya Kapustin
General Manager
Nevsky Hotels Group