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Ukraine: +380 80 021-88-87
Belarus: 8 820 00-73-00-33
Kazakhstan: 8 800 333-71-15

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Kiev: +380 44 585-88-87
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Working at TravelLine

We grow steadily and are always in search of new professionals

We need active and talented people, who are willing to create ideal products for the business market. We have our own unique spirit, aesthetics and values, and we will gladly share them with you.

Working at TravelLine is challenging, yet rewarding. If you live in Yoshkar-Ola and want to work at TravelLine, contact us at .

10 reasons to work at TravelLine

Simplicity and openness

Regardless of status, we talk to each other on first-name basis. No pathos, only simple and straight to the point messages. Reveling sense of humor is ok when appropriate. That’s our advice to the newbies.

Easy schedule

We work 8 hours a day staring at 10:00 AM. We are off Saturday and Sunday. Take a day off? No problem! Have to leave early? Go for it! As long as you've completed what's been planned the hours involved don't matter.

Good salary

We can't talk exact figures here, but TravelLine people are paid well. For the Russian national stardards anyway.

Free Meals

TravelLine team is catered to by one of the cosy cafeterias in Yoshkar-Ola. Most people have their lunch here, and some get breakfast and dinner as well. Of course, tea and coffee, fruit and pastries are always available in the office.

Big Team

By becoming a part of the team, you are going to make new friends. Important connections in both Yoshkar-Ola and all over Russia.

Stable Employment

Hotels will always be there. Even if economic crisis hits, our clients will need TravelLine and that means you too.

New Experience

At TravelLine you are surrounded by a wide range of professionals: programmers, designers, QA engineers, sales people and managers. Learn from them and become a valuable specialist yourself!

Interesting Tasks

We develop products that are used by thousands of people. Creating something useful and helping people become a part of a big business is always exciting.

Brilliant Perspectives

TravelLine is one of the largest IT-companies in Russia that works in the hotel business. Our business has wonderful perspectives. Join us and let's grow together!

Great times

We love having fun. A lot. We throw corporate parties in- and outside the office, in the nature and in the city, in Yoshkar-Ola and other Russian cities, in the winter and in the summer. We always have a good time.


Work for Programming Students

The majority of active programmers have joined TravelLine when they were students. Today they are valuable professionals with immense experience and rewarding salaries.

If you are a programming student and if you want to get a well-paying job and develop your professional skills, come to TravelLine. By the time you graduate, you will be a lot further than your fellow-students.

What Does a Student Need to Work at TravelLine

  • Love the “Developing and Promotion of Internet Applications” class and do “Excellent” or “Well” at it;
  • Be lively, easy-going, and ready to take initiative. Be ready to work in close cooperation with a team directed by project manager;
  • Be studious. You know how to do it – do it. If you don’t – find out how. If you can’t find the information, ask your experienced colleagues who are always nearby;
  • Be responsible for what you say and take care of your responsibilities.

What You Can Do

  1. Develop websites for hotels and resorts in Russia.
  2. Help developers who work with the core of our products.
Work for students

What Do You Get

  • Professional growth

    It is not just words. Working for TravelLine is a valuable experience. By the time you graduate university, you are going to be an experienced programmer;

  • Good salary and free meals

    There is probably no reason to give more details on these advantages to a student.

  • Interesting tasks

    You develop business products that are in demand and expensive. The outcome of your work is used by thousands of people. You work with the cutting edge IT – technologies.

  • Guaranteed employment

    The students who have proved their skills in action are invited to stay on the TravelLine team. You become a professional programmer, work in your field and earn a good salary.

  • Papers and degree thesis – easy

    Forget about the hassle writing papers and degree research in programming. Simply do your job at TravelLine and show it to your professors.

We develop IT- solutions for the leaders of the Russian hotel industry. The «TravelLine: Hotel» booking module is the most popular solution in its class in Russia. TravelLine is a leader of “Reiting Runeta” Russian Internet Rating among the companies that develop websites for travel and leisure. Working at TravelLine, you are a part of a strong and famous company. Do you meet our candidate requirements? Contact us at .