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Success story. Taganrog Congress-Hotel

The Taganrog Hotel is the largest hotel on the shore of Taganrog Bay. It has 204 rooms. It is located in the business centre of the city, it is very convenient. The hotel is surrounded by the places of interest – the Drama theatre named after Chekhov, the Taganrog Art museum, the famous stone staircase and Pushkin quay. In 2008 the hotel was purchased and reconstructed by the Don-Plaza management company.

Elena Smolianinova
Elena Smolianinova
Head of Sales and Reservations Department, Taganrog Hotel

The work done

  • Integration of the Internet Booking Engine (IBE) TravelLine: Hotel in the hotel website.
  • Increase of effectiveness of the website

TravelLine solutions:

  • IBE TravelLine: Hotel;
  • Development of the new website.


Integration of the IBE TravelLine: Hotel in the hotel website.

TravelLine and the Taganrog became partners at the Intourmarket exhibition in 2008. Don-Plaza was one of the first companies who realized the benefits of using TravelLine’s solutions.

The first website in which we had integrated TravelLine: Hotel was At that moment it received booking requests on demand only. Customers sent booking requests through the electronic form. Every request was processed by a manager of booking service.

TravelLine showed itself on the Taganrog’s website brilliantly. Then it was installed on the website of the management company and on the Internet resource of the Atlantic Plaza Hotel –

TravelLine: Hotel brings direct bookings to the Taganrog and its amount grows with every season. Since 2009 there has been a 7-times increase in reservations.

«The IBE has modern interesting design. It is easy in use for guests and hotel manager. The IBE is convenient for guests because it both helps to choose suitable room category according to its price and quality and gives possibility of looking through photos. For the manager multifunctionality and convenience are very important; it is possible to set the quota, to correct it, to post information on different special offers and extra services. Thus there is a distinct connection «guest – IBE – hotel» that helps to avoid failures and satisfy customer’s needs.»
Elena Smolianinova,
Head of Sales and Reservations Department, Taganrog Hotel


Increasing of effectiveness of the website

In 2010 the official Taganrog’s website made a good impression. Design corresponded to the time, it was performed in delicate colours. However, the audit revealed important drawbacks that reduced the effectiveness of the website. We suggested the management company developing a new version of the Internet resource

The developed website contains elements that prolong customer’s staying on the website and motivate him to book a room:

  • the address and the phone number in the header;
  • searching form of the available rooms with the motivator «Excellent price»;
  • section with current prices for every room category;
  • sections with direct links to the reservation of congress hall and banquet room;
  • section of special offers that attract visitor’s attention. was the first website where we used visual search filters of a suitable room. In the section «Rooms and Prices» it is rather convenient to filter rooms according to the budget, the number of beds and availability of extra services.

The price indicated on the website uploads automatically from the IBE TravelLine: Hotel. So, the user knows exactly the prices at the stage of studying the hotel. The hotel personnel don’t have to update the website every time the prices change.

Increasing of effectiveness of the website was the first website where we used visual search filters of a suitable room
«On the whole the Taganrog Congress-Centre is satisfied with the design and functionality of the new website. It is popular among city’s visitors and hotel stuff. In our opinion, the website’s advantages are convenient dynamic interface, intuitively intelligible for the users; favourable position of the IBE; and the main advantage is that it reflects all the work directions of the Hotel Complex»
Elena Smolianinova,
Head of Sales and Reservations Department, Taganrog Hotel

The success story was created by:

The Taganrog’s personnel

Elena Smolianinova, Head of Sales and Reservations Department

TravelLine Team
Manager of Sales Department
Alexander Eshmekov
Manager of Support Service
Ekaterina Kazantseva
Art Director
Sergey Lapin
Denis Korablev