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Success story. Pushka Inn Hotel

The Pushka Inn Hotel is situated in St. Petersburg, in a minute’s walk from the Hermitage. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral and Nevsky Prospekt are located nearby the hotel. Room fund comprises 33 rooms. Since 2009 TripAdvisor has marked out the Pushka Inn with Travellers Choice Mark. In 2013 TripAdvisor declared the hotel the best in Russia according to the level of service.

Inna Dormasheva
Inna Dormasheva
Vice President, Pushka Inn

The work done

  • integration of the Internet Booking Engine (IBE) in the website;
  • development of the new website;
  • integration of the Visa Support Service.
  • Integration of the TravelLine: Analytics System in the website

TravelLine solutions:

  • Integration of the Internet Booking Engine;
  • development of the new website;
  • integration of the iVisa Support Service.


Integration of the IBE TravelLine: Hotel

The Pushka Inn representatives contacted us in March, 2012. As a result of word of mouth advertising TravelLine products were recommended to the hotel managers. The Pushka Inn’s initial goal was moving away from an outdated booking on demand that was presented on the website. Sometimes a customer had to wait for a booking confirmation for more than an hour. It had a bad influence on the hotel image.

It is well-known that the IBE TravelLine offers customers instant confirmation. The IBE was integrated in the website and began working on the 3rd of April, 2012. Since that time the number of reservations from the official website had grown by 20%.

«The IBE TravelLine: Hotel, developed and introduced by TravelLine, proved to be an efficient tool that solved a set task.

Since the first days of its work we had appreciated its functionality and convenience for guests and the hotel personnel. Due to the Information design and logical structure of the IBE, both novice and advanced users can easily book a room online.

The personnel of the Reservation and Accommodation Service have only to receive and process the order. They can devote most of their time to our guests – offer them information on extra services (excursions, transfers, special accommodation packages)»
Inna Dormasheva,
Vice President, Pushka Inn

Development of the new website

After integration of the IBE we carried out a complex audit of the Pushka Inn official website. These are some remarks that we submitted to the managers’ consideration:

  • main menu merged with the background;
  • pages devoted to the room categories were missing;
  • page headings are incorrect from the point of view of the search systems;
  • main menu became illegible if images were disabled.
Development of the new website
Development of the new website
«As we had already been using the IBE by the moment of website modification, we had the audit done for free. We held a tender for the order, and by audit results presented by TravelLine we realized that our opinions and demands were close to their recommendations, the company had perfectly understood our aims and goals»
Inna Dormasheva,
Vice President, Pushka Inn

After the hotel representatives had studied the results of the audit, they decided to develop a website from scratch according to the standards of sales efficient websites by TravelLine. The Internet resource changed completely. A home page had undergone the following important changes:

So, a customer receives essential information as soon as he has a look on the home page. There a guest can find useful information about the hotel location, services and special offers. Other website sections contain more details on these points. A website visitor can easily pass to the booking form from the main page. The website is designed in the hotel traditional style featuring the ancient map of St. Petersburg.

«A good website of the hotel is a tool that frees up the hotel personnel from work that is nowadays done by the technologies, and it helps the stuff to set some time by for communication with guests.

The hotel staff helped TravelLine Team to work at the website: they made comments and provided necessary information concerning all the sections of the website»
Inna Dormasheva,
Vice President, Pushka Inn

Integration of the iVisa Support Service

It is common knowledge that St. Petersburg is one of the most attractive cities for foreign tourists. We took this fact into account while working at the official website of the Pushka Inn. Firstly, the website has English, German and French versions in addition to the Russian one. Secondly, an online iVisa Support Service is integrated in the hotel website.

With the help of iVisa the Pushka Inn personnel process visa invitations for guests themselves. It takes them only 2-3 minutes. Besides, the IBE TravelLine: Hotel automatically offers processing of the visa invitation to everybody who has booked a room. iVisa Service increases clients’ loyalty and turn them into frequent visitors.

«We had been offering visa support service to foreign guests before, but we needed help of a third party. Using the old scheme of work we had to insert information by hand. Thus, it took much more time. iVisa Support Service has automated the process completely. The personnel’s task is to make sure that there is a reservation for the guest and check the dates of the arranged staying»
Inna Dormasheva,
Vice President, Pushka Inn


Integration of the TravelLine: Analytics Service

At the moment we are installing the service TravelLine: Analytics on the Pushka Inn website. With its help the hotel representatives are going to study the website efficiency and the online sales dynamics.

The success story was created by:

The personnel of the Pushka Inn
«The level of service plays an important role in the hotel appreciation, in particular regarding mini-hotels where guests expect individual treatment.

Optimization and automation of a number of functions allows dealing with the improvement of the service standards without engaging additional stuff, thus increasing the level of income for the extra services.

We thank TravelLine Team for partnership. We wish them to keep up with all the innovations in this sphere. At the moment we don’t have a worthy competitor»
Elena Belova, President
Inna Dormasheva, Vice President
Eugeniya Belova, Development Director
TravelLine Team
Project Manager
Sergey Sergeev
Manager of the Support Service
Ekaterina Kazantseva
Art Director
Sergey Lapin
Denis Korablev