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TL: Hotel

Online booking engine
for websites

  • Adapts to any device.
  • Motivates uers to complete bookings in just a few steps.
  • Allows provides guests with different payment options.
  • Can be connected to any PMS.
 Live example of our integrated Requestbooking engine 

Attract attention

The searching form makes the site more convenient and attractive. It increases the chances that a reservation is made:

  • it adapts to the site design and to any screen size;
  • it shows up-to-date information about rooms availability for selected dates;
  • it builds into internal site pages, so reservations can be made in any site section.
«TravelLine: Отель» — самый популярный в России модуль бронирования для гостиниц

Adapts to any device

Guests can easily book a stay in the hotel using any device. TL: Hotel is a mobile-friendly service that adapts to fit the size of any screen.

Motivates to book

Room availability
Price comparison
Detailed price breakdown
Availability calendar
Last booking made
Booking cart

Up to 10 payment methods!

  • 1
    Credit card.
  • 2
    Yandex Money.
  • 3
  • 4
    Payment at check-in.
  • 5
    Casher’s office.
  • 6
    Wire transfer.
  • 7
    Bank transfer.
  • 8
    QIWI self-service kiosks.
  • 9
    Euroset cell phone stores.
  • 10
    Svyaznoy cell phones stores.
Guaranteed payment

You decide what percentage of the total amount you want to charge to guarantee a booking. Our system will charge this sum during the booking process and it will automatically go to the hotel’s bank account. Remember that prepaid bookings prevent no-shows.

Non-guaranteed payment

Most guests choose to pay at check-in. Our case studies prove that having guests pay at check-in doesn’t reduce the number of no-shows. However, it is good practice to disable all non-guaranteed payment methods during the high season.

Postponed payment

If a user chooses to postpone payment, they will have a time limit in which they can pay. The system automatically issues all necessary payment documents.

PMS Integration

The integration of TL: Hotel with your property management system helps you to

  • OPERA/Fidelio
  • Epitome PMS
  • Logus HMS
  • «Эдельвейс»
  • Intellect Style
  • «1С: Отель»
  • Shelter
  • «БИТ.Отель»
  • B52
  • ProHotel
  • Web-отель
  • HMA Ecvi
  • Mews Commander
  • SmartHotel
  • PMS Malahitsoft
  • Optima PMS
  • Интеротель
  • Libra
  • Orbita
  • Здравница
  • Servio

 View full list of ACS
Связка с АСУ средства размещения

Easy To Manage

Help button available on every Extranet page. Click it to view the page description in the reference section.
Available settings
The menu can be minimized to take less screen space

You can manage prices, rates and availability all with TL: Hotel. Even if you use several TravelLine services or a PMS developed by another company.

TL: Hotel is user-friendly and makes navigation easy with screen tips.

Оставьте заявку на демонстрацию экстранета TravelLine

*Поля, отмеченные звездочкой, обязательны для заполнения

Marketing module

TL: Hotel sends marketing emails to your guests automatically:

  • Welcome-letter. The system will send your guests an email to remind them about their upcoming arrival date. You decide when this message is sent.
  • Feedback-letter. TL: Hotel will prompt guests to rate their experience after they leave. You will learn about the most common guest preferences and requests.
  • Incomplete bookings. If a potential guest decides to exit the payment page, you will be notified that there has been an incomplete booking. You can contact this guest and help them to finish the booking process.

Marketing module allows you to keep in touch with your past and future guests.

Удобно управляетсячерез один экстранет

Stay booked in social networks

Get more bookings through social media outlets such as Facebook and VK. We integrate the booking engine into your official community page. Use social networking to turn your followers into new guests at your hotel!

Tech support geeks

Our support assistants will help you set up TravelLine at your business, provide initial trainings and consulting services as well as offer professional advice on how you can increase your direct sales. 1-880-055-52030.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-880-055-52030.

Tech support geeks
"TravelLine is the most reputable company in CIS specializing in developing software for the hotel business. When we were considering a contractor for our corporate site, we knew for sure that we would envolve TravelLine to work on the online reservations module. Developing the rest of the site in the same company was then a logical decision".
Veronika Karlyukevich,
Head of PR Department at Beijing (Minsk)
"Regarding the reservations module. We started off using a free module of a Western online booking system as a temporary option. But after we replaced it with the TravelLine module, our sales rocketed tenfold! During the last six month, I believe, we have increased the number of reservations about a hundredfold".
Konstantin Artemyev,
Commercial Director of SkyPoint Hotel
"We started working with TravelLine in the summer of 2011 and this cooperation has proved fruitful so far. The rooms reservation system developed by the IT company is notable for its very user-friendly interface and functionality. Hosting the TravelLine service on the official site of Nevsky Hotels Group has actually helped us to increase the number of reservations made".
Ilia Kapustin,
Manager of Nevsky Hotels Group


Forget about monthly fees or no-shows. You pay only for those guests that stayed in your hotel. 4–6% of the total amount paid for the booking.
The commission depends on the payment method a guest chooses.

This price includes:
  • Online booking engine integration.
  • Services set-up.
  • Training of your staff.
  • Technical support.

TravelLine gets a commission only if our booking engine increases your sales. That is why our partners get the best service!

Benefits ( for hotels | sanatoriums )

TL: Hotel comes with useful presents helping to boost the sales potential of your site

  • TravelLine: Analytics.
  • Basic website audit (usual price — RUB 10,000).
  • Website updates (RUB 20,000).
  • Mobile-friendly website (usual development price starts from RUB 60,000).

Request a free trial of TL: Hotel and get all our benefits.

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