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TravelLine: Rate Shopper

The fastest way to find out
the prices of your competitors

  • Daily reports on market price movements;
  • comparison of prices by room type;
  • illustrative graphs;
  • detailed reports;
  • Russian-language interface and support service.
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«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» — the prices of your competitors in your Personal profile

The prices of your competitors in your Personal profile

TravelLine: Rate Shopper — it is a service of data collection and analysis in the hotel market. TravelLine: Rate Shopper is the first product of its kind, developed in Russia for Russian-speaking hoteliers. The service checks daily the prices of the chosen hotels, registers fluctuations of rates. You react promptly to changes of the situation by changing your pricing policy.

TravelLine: Rate Shopper mines minimal rates as well as average and maximal rates of your competitors. It's a unique feature of the service. It gives a stronger basis for decision-making and a deeper market evaluation.

Reports and graphs TravelLine: Rate Shopper

The prices of your competitors

The report shows the prices in the chosen hotels for the proposed period.

Red background of a cell signals that your competitor provides a better price. Green background — a higher price. Arrows in the upper left corner of a cell let you know how did the price change in comparison with yesterday.

One glance at the table is enough to understand the state of affairs on the market.

«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» — The prices of your competitors in your Personal profile
«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» — The prices of your competitors in your Personal profile

Price change

Take a look at this graph and you will see how did your competitors' prices change over a given time period.

You can display the rate of all your competitors or only of some of them. You will find the answer why one day your competitor's price was suddenly raised. Perhaps, you should adjust your rates too?

The price range of your competitors

The graph shows the price range of your competitors and the position of your hotel in it.

You will find out your place on the market, whether it is relevant to your strategy and plans. Maybe a correction of rates is required. Or, perhaps, the revision of marketing plans and positioning.

«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» — the prices of your competitors in your Personal profile
«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» — the prices of your competitors in your Personal profile

The history of pricing changes

The ability to view the history of pricing changes for a specific check-in date is one of the key features of TravelLine: Rate Shopper.

This report will help you to understand the pricing policy of your competitors. You will find out how they react on approaching of a tourist event, for how many days prior to arrival day they change prices.

Feedback score

Analyze the ratings and the number of feedbacks of your competitors.

Your competitor position with a better feedback score will be highlighted in red. Green light shows a lower feedback score, than you have.

«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» — Feedback score
«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» — Comparison of prices by room categories

Comparison of prices by room categories

Compare room categories of your hotel with the competitors' categories.

After having linked the rooms, you will be able to compare the prices of accommodation in the same room categories.

Report export in PDF and Excel

Analyze data in a comfortable output format. TravelLine: Rate Shopper exports reports in PDF and Microsoft Excel.

«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» —Экспорт отчётов в PDF и Excel
Интеграция с другими продуктами TravelLine

Integration with the other TravelLine’s products

Rate Shopper is perfectly good as an independent solution, but it is even more comfortable to use it with the other TravelLine’s products.

Once a hotelier finds out about the change of price thanks to Rate Shopper, he can correct his rate policy in the system of sales channels management TravelLine: Channel Manager. Using this link, you react swiftly on your competitors’ actions and change your own prices timely.

«The thing that TravelLine developed is very convenient. It’s very plain and illustrative as well as the other products of the company. TravelLine gave me the possibility to link 15 hotels for a test period. It’s even too much for us, but now o can see the whole picture on the North-East of Moscow. It’s very pleasant that such an opportunity became available.

In comparison with the prices of western alternatives, Rate Shopper doesn’t even cost much, better say it doesn’t cost anything, providing so many benefits.»

Konstantin Artem’ev,
Commercial Director of SkyPoint hotel
«TravelLine: Rate Shopper» collects data only from open sources.
If you use the other products of our company, you can be sure in your data safety.


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depth of view of prices


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