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TravelLine Team

Roman Efremov

Technical director
Roman Efremov
Roman is a natural manager, who does an excellent job in directing a team of developers. Before his arrival at TravelLine, he worked as a project manager for the American company Sling Media, cooperated with JobWindow in Switzerland and Restaurantdiary in Great Britain, and ran another dozen projects of various complexity. Today, he is in charge of developing key TravelLine products.

Mr Efremov is a vital intermediary between developers and the company management. He has a gift for grasping the essence of the task and translating it into technical terms. He prefers the latest approach to organizing workflow. He believes the most important things are success of the project and the partners’ satisfaction regardless of the number of hours spent in the office.

Roman requires the best work from his programmers. He demands that they complete the task in the most ideal fashion. As the technical director, he spends long hours studying new developments and trends. He is constantly searching for ways to make their products faster and easier, putting TravelLine on the cutting edge of hotel booking technology.
Artur Arsibekov
Financial director
Sergey Lapin
Art Director
Anatoly Shikhov
Head of Design Engineering Department
Alexey Shestov
Head of Integration Department