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TravelLine Team

Alexey Shestov

Head of Integration Department
Alexey Shestov
Alexey is a programmer of the old school, who started his career in 1997. Prior to coming to TravelLine, he was a team leader for a number of foreign and Russian internet projects. Mr Shestov has been creating booking systems since 2003 for foreign clients such as Nakedbus from New Zeland, the Italian company Terravision, and the British Timberbush and Fisheyes.

While Alexey is mainly responsible for integrating TravelLine: Hotel into partners’ websites, he also participates in many aspects of the company. His more than 15 years of professional programming and project managing represents a vital wealth of knowledge. With his contribution TravelLine products are becoming better, more functional and easier for users.

Alexey is one of the creators of TravelLine: Hotel. He contributes all of his knowledge and expertise into this product. It is because of this that the service works stably, despite the colossal data streams and thousands of users. The core of the TravelLine technology was engineered so successfully that today the company focuses all of its efforts on developing additional features.
Artur Arsibekov
Financial director
Sergey Lapin
Art Director
Anatoly Shikhov
Head of Design Engineering Department
Roman Efremov
Technical director