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Russia: +7 499 703-34-80
Ukraine: +380 80 021-88-87
Belarus: 8 820 00-73-00-33
Kazakhstan: 8 800 333-71-15

Moscow: +7 499 703-34-80
Kiev: +380 44 585-88-87
Minsk: +375 17 203-51-31

TravelLine Team

Alexander Galochkin
One of the top professionals in creating sales-effective hotel websites in Russia. Starting since 2003 he has been working specifically on hospitality solutions. The founder and the CEO of CPS Labs and TravelLine IT companies. Read on
«Only four years ago, there was no satisfactory online booking in the Russian market and now it is hard to imagine a modern Russian hotel without such service.»
Roman Efremov
Technical director
Roman is a natural manager, who does an excellent job in directing a team of developers. Before his arrival at TravelLine, he worked as a project manager for the American company Sling Media, cooperated with JobWindow in Switzerland. Read on
Alexey Shestov
Head of Integration Department
Alexey is a programmer of the old school, who started his career in 1997. Prior to coming to TravelLine, he was a team leader for a number of foreign and Russian Internet projects. Mr Shestov has been creating booking systems since 2003. Read on
Anatoly Shikhov
Head of Design Engineering Department
A professional programmer, Anatoly is extremely enthusiastic about industrial, graphic and interactive design. He worked successfully for TNT. After that he was employed by the British company Clearfuse. Read on
Sergey Lapin
Art Director
Sergey is a professional web-designer; he “drew up” his first site in 2001. He’s been working at TravelLine from day one. Up to this point, he developed over 30 hotel websites and as the TravelLine art director, he participated in 70 more. Read on
Artur Arsibekov
Financial director
Artur has been working in the field of finances since 1995. Before his arrival to TravelLine, he worked for Khromatech, a large manufacturer of high-accuracy devices for the Russian and foreign market. Read on

The Big Team

TravelLine is a company of 100 professionals enthusiastic about their job. We work hard 24/7 to improve the Russian hospitality industry. Programmers, designers, HTML coders, QA engineers, tech support – all these people work to make sure people and hotels can find each other online. Thanks for working with us!

Informal life

Our kids dream of becoming like us, which can be both good and bad. They don't know that during our corporate parties we don't act so serious and adult-like. We don't get too crazy, at least not to the point where you can't look your colleagues in the eye the next day. But still, we enjoy our time off just as much as our work, and why not?

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  • Olga Olga
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